Monday, June 13, 2011

Cute idea, till you do the math!

By: Kristen Ezmirly

Heeyyy, check it out! Pampers has caught onto a few of the appealing things about cloth diapering: the cuteness factor, and the "good old fashioned-ness" of it. They've introduced their new line of "Pampers Prints" - adorable printed diapers for those who wish for a more stylish "rear view" of their baby. The advertisement even shows what kind of prints are in the package by showing a picture of their adorable disposable diapers, hanging on a clothes line, the good old fashioned way (Awwww). I have to say, if I used disposable diapers, at a glance, I'd think this was a cute idea:) That is, until I'd look at the price tag: $20 for a package of 66 diapers. The only 'sposies I ever bought were $13 for 96 of them, so spending $7 more for 30 diapers less...?! Hmm, perhaps not. I'd much rather take my $20 and go buy a cloth diaper or two, and not have to go back and buy them again...and again...and again. See, in order to diaper your child in these diapers for ONE year, you'd have to spend about $800. If you used these from birth through potty training, that'd be $2,000. On the other hand, in order to diaper your child from birth through potty training with Happy Heiny's cloth diapers (they have the best variety of colors and prints that I've found), you'd have to spend about $300...TOTAL. Sooo, $800/year, or <does some quick math> $120/ pick.

As for their cute picture of the diapers on the clothes line.. In case anyone was wondering, no, you cannot safely wash and reuse disposable diapers. Those handy dandy chemicals that help absorb so much fecal matter into that decorative little package are only good for one use - then they break down and look, feel, and smell horrible. Just in case anyone considered it.

So it seems to me that these cute disposables are really just nicely packaged garbage. $7 more, for 30 fewer diapers, all of which are going to be thrown away :-p Now I'm not gonna harp on anyone about using disposables. I've used a few in my time. But if you've ever complained about the cost of diapers, consider this: even if you use the store brand diapers, and you only have another 6 months or so of diapering, you could save money by cloth diapering. In this economy... I'd recommend considering it. And in this economy, I'd also recommend ditching the big chain stores, and supporting locally owned and operated, one-stop-diaper-shop Chic Cheeks ( when you decide to make the switch;) Just sayin'...;)

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