Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Happy Heiny's One Size Pocket Diaper with Snaps

By: Michelle Martin - Owner, Chic Cheeks
Many of my customers have requested that I post reviews of the different cloth diapers I sell in my store www.chic-cheeks.com so today I'm going to review the Happy Heiny's One for All One Size Diaper with Snaps. I've wanted to review this diaper for a while because in my research I've found that in the past some bloggers have given Happy Heiny's poor reviews. Apparently, before some changes were made, some people had problems with the Happy Heiny's being prone to leaks. Since then the Happy Heiny's diaper has be re-designed (as you can see by the "New and Improved" logo on the packaging) and I wanted to give you guys an honest review. 

I have only had experience with the new version of this diaper and let me tell you I have been no less than extremely impressed. It makes me sad that people are untrusting of this brand because I personally use and love these diapers.

First of all (one of my favorite parts of this brand!) Happy Heiny's diapers are made in America only a few hours away from where I live. Being a proud American I love supporting companies that keep their business at home in the U.S.A. Many companies have had to move their operations overseas to keep costs down and I really appreciate that the owner of Happy Heiny's has worked hard to keep her business here. 

This is a one size diaper that is generously sized to fit babies from 8-35lbs. It comes with two micro-fleece inserts, a large and a small which are 3 layers each. I love that this diaper is able to somehow go from super tiny to super huge with just a few adjustments. With other brands my 27lb toddler is already on the largest settings with all rise snaps undone, but with this diaper we still have it snapped down once. Obviously this diaper is still going to last us a while. 

Happy Heiny's has an unbelievable number of colors and patterns to choose from. Silly Monkeys is a hit in our house. I love seeing our little guy run around in that one! There are so many colors to choose from I never have a hard time finding one that will match with whatever my son is wearing when we go out. My husband seems to always reach for the skull and crossbones print whenever it's available! 

So what's so "New and Improved" about this diaper? Well here's some info straight from Happy Heiny's

The New & Approved Happy Heinys One for ALL has had it’s rise (length) decreased by 1 inch. This helps the diaper to fit slender to average babies with less chance of gapping in the legs. Due to the large fit of the Original diapers, the New & Improved will still comfortably fit a 35 lb. baby.
The New and Improved has also been decreased by 1 inch in the width between the legs. This helps to improve the fit with less bulky material which can cause gapping and provides an overall slimmer fit.
I almost forgot to mention the snaps. Since my busy 18 month old has figured out how to take a velcro diaper off (and go running around the house peeing all over the floor) we try to use snaps whenever possible. I LOVE the snaps on this diaper. They are easy to fasten, but can't be undone by little hands. Each tab has 4 snaps, preventing wing droop and guaranteeing a perfect fit. 
We own the cow print diaper with aplix closures and it gets us a great fit every time! The only reason we don't use this diaper more often is because Reagan loves to rip it off and run around nude. It's such a cute print though! 

The inner material is made of custom milled fleece that stays soft through many washes. Poo comes right off and these diapers are very easy to get clean. I don't have any problems with staining and my son seems very comfortable when he's in his Happy Heiny's. Unlike some other diapers we own this diaper fits very well and doesn't leave red marks on our son's skin.  I especially love to use Happy Heiny's at night with a second insert as a booster. When used this way we NEVER have leaks which means Reagan sleeps through the night! I find myself avoiding other brands at bedtime just for this reason. 
These diapers are going to run approx. $18.95 each but they are well worth the money. Just for my blog readers you can use coupon code MYHEINYISHAPPY at checkout to receive 10% off the Happy Heiny's One Size Pocket Diaper with Snaps until June 30, 2011! I hope you all enjoyed my review of the Happy Heiny's One for All One Size diaper with snaps. If you'd like to purchase this diaper visit our store


  1. Thanks! does the 10% go for mini's too? just curious

  2. Yes! The coupon code will take 10% off your order of Happy Heiny's One Size Mini - http://www.chic-cheeks.com/products/Happy-Heiny%27s-One-Size-Mini-Diaper-Hook-and-Loop.html, Happy Heiny's One Size Hook and Loop - http://www.chic-cheeks.com/products/Happy-Heiny%27s-One-Size-Mini-Diaper-Hook-and-Loop.html, and Happy Heiny's One Size snap - http://www.chic-cheeks.com/products/Happy-Heiny%27s-ONE-for-ALL-One-Size-Diaper-with-Snaps.html
    Also, there is free shipping on orders over $49!

  3. I'm sorry, my links seem to not be working! You can see the Happy Heiny's products at www.chic-cheeks.com. The code will work on the Happy Heiny's One Size Mini, The Happy Heiny's One Size Hook and Loop and the Happy Heiny's One Size Snap. Happy Shopping!

  4. Got it! Thanks so much! I have a serious love for skulls. Don't worry about the links I have the page bookmarked i know right where to go! haha