Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FuzziBunz Product Review

By: Kristen Ezmirly

Ever tried a FuzziBunz diaper?? I hadn't until recently! I'd been having problems with my daughter's diapers not fitting well and leaking when she went through those "between snap sizes" stages of growth. They were decent diapers, but those ill-fitting phases were driving me crazy! I went to Chic Cheeks in hopes they could tell me I was doing something wrong. I came out with information that I hadn't known before about diaper care, and a FuzziBunz diaper to try! Turns out I was doing something wrong, and perhaps there's more to a good diaper experience than the right snap combinations;) But why the FuzziBunz? I soon found out;)

FuzziBunz diapers are a standard pocket diaper, with a set of three snaps, for a good secure fit. Unlike other pocket diapers, though, FuzziBunz has also added adjustable elastic around the legs. This is a fantastic feature, especially for babies with particularly chunky or slender legs, who may have trouble getting a good fit from standard leg holes.

FuzziBunz are made entirely from polyester fabrics, and lined with polyurethane. They are easy to care for, and very durable. The microfleece used in the diaper itself is very soft and absorbent. The liners are soft, absorbent and not super thick! Even when I double-stuff my daughter's diaper for night time, both liners fit easily into the diaper, and still retain a nice trim fit.

Two areas I would say FuzziBunz could catch up with competitors on is price, and variety. FuzziBunz diapers usually go for around $20 each, which, if you're looking to buy a whole stash to start with, can get a little pricey; that said, I began cloth diapering with a much cheaper brand, and will say I can easily tell a difference in quality. So if you're cloth diapering for the long haul, it may be worth the extra few bucks. As for the style options, with only 14 solid colors to choose from (compared to Happy Heinys, with nearly 50 different colors and patterns), those with more stylish intentions for their children's behind might feel FuzziBunz is wanting in the style department. If, like me, you prefer a good set of solids that are easy to match with your childrens' clothes, 14 good, standard, easy-to-match colors is perfectly fine.

And finally, FuzziBunz's warranty: FuzziBunz offers a 1 year warranty against snap defects, sewing defects, elastic issues and any separation of the cover fabric and polyurethane lining. This is a relatively good warranty in comparison with other cloth diapering companies. They do, however, require a proof of purchase from an authorized FuzziBunz retailer, so you will want to consider nixing the idea of buying them from individual sellers or sites like eBay, and keep your receipt in case you need to make use of that warranty.

And so, my personal "grading system" (A=Great, B=Good, C=Acceptable, D=Not Good, F=Fail!):
Price: C
Adjustability: A+
Absorbency: A
Durability: A
Fit: A
Fashion: B

Over all grade: I'd give FuzziBunz an A :)

Now through June 15, 2011 FuzziBunz are buy 5 get 1 free at www.chic-cheeks.com

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